Maintenance Guide For Ceramic/Porcelain Tile


No other surface in a building receives the abuse and wear that a floor does, however with the following maintenance tips you can maintain the attractive look of your new ceramic floor:

  • Vacuum or sweep your floor daily to remove loose dirt before it can scratch the floor surface.
  • Use floor mats at outside doors to prevent moisture and dirt from coming in
  • Wipe up spills before they dry
  • Use floor protectors or glides on the legs of furniture to minimize scratching and chipping.
  • Move heavy furniture or appliances by placing a protective material such as a plywood panel or a carpet piece face down on the floor and moving the furniture across keeping the protective panel underneath, to prevent scratching the surfaces.

Cleaning Floors

  • Before washing floors, vacuum or sweep to remove dust or loose dirt.
  • If the floor isn’t too dirty, damp mopping with hot water will be adequate.
  • Wring the mop out frequently and change the wash water when it gets dirty so that mopping isn’t just redistributing the dirt.
  • If damp mopping does not restore the original clean appearance, wash the floor using a neutral NON OILY, general purpose liquid detergent and warm water.
  • Never flood the floor with water.
  • Then go over the area scrubbing with the sponge mop to loosen any remaining dirt.  Wring out the sponge mop and keep mopping the floor to pick up the detergent solution.
  • Rinse the floor thoroughly using a clean mop and clean warm water.
  • Always keeps keep water, mops and pails clean.
  • Allow the floor to dry before allowing traffic on it.

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